Back in Sweden

I had a handful of pretty busy months. For starters we've returned to Sweden. Back in the mother land. Here you can see us mingling with the locals in the faithful Corner. In any case nothing will ever eclipse the glory of the Sports Bar back in Warsaw.

Blending with the locals at the corner

Our timing was perfect and I rejoined DICE during the final dev months of Battlefield V It's a gorgeus game. I'm truly looking forward to try with some peers back at home.

Swedish things

Due an strange planetary alignment we had a number of super traditional Swedish events. I went to my first crab fish event. Including silly hats and duck face.

My first crab fish party

And a couple weeks later, we attended a wedding. The venue was at the shore of a beautiful lake and we had a terrific time.

We went to a wedding

Everybody had a blast and we danced to a couple ABBA songs too many. The Swedes have it in them.

New adventures in cooking

During our time in Warsaw I grew fond of YT's cooking shows. And thanks to Mr. Sexy-Lips Adamo I discovered "the hot ones." A pretty entertaining show that woke up my interest in spicy foods and sauces.

While I was walking around the Old Town I found a little British food store that has an extremely promissing collection of mean-spirited sauces:

British store

... needless to say we've stocked quite heavily.

One of the biggest cooking discoveries (for me) that I did lately is that you can bake an omelette, so I've been experimenting with this approach a little bit. For instance here you have a pic of the super-meaty minced meat + bacon approach:

New cooking endeavor, oven omelette

The lady has a collection of swedish cooking books dating to the mid 70s. One of the books is made of solid gold: Recipes from Swedish old days

We found a lovely book with old Swedish recipes

where I found out a lacquered goose recipe that I truly want to try. I might give it a go if the lovely dudes from CDP decide to pay a visit to the far North.