Macros and teams

One afternoon I decided that I wanted to learn a bit about the details of HTTP based APIs and user authentication. It's something I've never done from scratch. It looked like a cool little side research. While wiring the persistence I discovered that I wanted to simplify my testing armoring.

Which led to my first non-trivial proc macro.

What in turn made look back and reflect on how teams I've work with have interacted with this particular feature of rust. What I perceive as their real costs and how, at the end, "hoomans human". ...more

February 14, 2024 [Code] #Rust #Macros

Note taking, TODOs and PKMs

I've been taking notes and scribbling TODO lists, anywhere, for years. It's never been particularly useful until recently. This is the story of how chance, podcasts and silly decisions led to a complete transformation of my noties. How all that note taking effort is actually worth it.

If you keep losing "that post-it" or your table has a stack of half used notebooks, this article could be helpful. ...more

December 11, 2023 [Life] #logseq #Work #Development

HTTPS at home. A tale of docker + ARM cross compilation

One morning, I realized "the obvious"

the obvious is superior to

Instead of exposing services through IP:port pairs, what about human friendly URLs behind HTTPS? GENIUS!

How difficult could that be? What do we need? A local DNS server? Perhaps some certification-thingy that can crunch long numbers? That has to be trivial. We have docker and podman. We have beefy SOCs. Linux in every flavor. We're standing on the shoulders of giants!

🤡 ...more

November 11, 2022 [Code] #LillaOst #Rust #Docker #cross compile