HTTPS at home. A tale of docker + ARM cross compilation

One morning, I realized "the obvious"

the obvious is superior to

Instead of exposing services through IP:port pairs, what about human friendly URLs behind HTTPS? GENIUS!

How difficult could that be? What do we need? A local DNS server? Perhaps some certification-thingy that can crunch long numbers? That has to be trivial. We have docker and podman. We have beefy SOCs. Linux in every flavor. We're standing on the shoulders of giants!


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Actix to Warp, a rust-y web server story

Let's take a look on how one of my backends evolved from a beefy Actix + Diesel stack into a slimmer warp + serde combo. And, just for fun, I'll add a small anecdote about forcing an innocent Web App into synchronous fetch calls and how I ended in such a dark place.

This article is part of a series covering the evolution of LillaOst.

Let's dig in.

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LillaOst 2 / 2: Plotters + Fake + localStorage

Second and final part of Rust-y parenting: WebAssembly. This covers some details about generating data visualization in real time, build artificial entries for testing and a couple details about how did I approached storage.

New LillaOst Plotters

I'm strongly considering releasing this version of LillaOst as OpenSource. Perhaps the code can be helpful for someone starting with rust and WebAssembly. We'll see.

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Rust-y parenting: WebAssembly 1 / 2

This article covers the evolution of LillaOst from an ad-hoc web solution using server side HTML generation into a Single-Page Application a-la React based on WebAssembly. And how the introduction of Yew results in a more scalable and easier to maintain project.

And best of all, you can test it yourself: WebAssembly LillaOst. It's free and private. And perhaps, if you find something weird, add a nice issue, pretty please?.

New LillaOst Home Page

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Rust supported parenting

Where we use Rust, PostgreSQL, mobile phones and a RaspberryPi3 to keep track our kid's events and we officially became data-driven parents.

The last 18 months have been quite intense for us. Beyond da warus, the transition to full time WFH, changing jobs, we had a kid and we moved to a new apartment. When our kid was a newborn we realized how useful it was to keep track of feedings and nappy changes in a centralized manner. Taking advantage of many sleepless nights I went Rust full stack and I wrote a web-app to support us. And honoring an internal joke we call it:

LillaOst: a web app written in Rust to track your kid's daily events.

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