Building Wwise plugins with Pure data + Heavy (+ VS)

Would you like to create a Wwise FX plugin and you have no audio programmer at hand? This approach could help you. This piece examines the niche Pure Data --> Wwise toolchain developed and made public by Enzien a couple years ago. It's an smart and well crafted tool that delivers what promises.

Also, go out there and find an audio programmer.

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Python packages over Subversion

What to do when you want to distribute a python solution through pip but you only have a Subversion server? You can turn your code into a package and ask pi to kindly use your svn server as a trusted source. This text describes a way of doing exactly that with minimal configuration and avoid bothering your busy build engineers.

This piece covers how to do the packaging manually. cookiecutter would be another option but seems overkill for what I want to do. The only dependency of note is a web-browsable Subversion repository or any index based web server.

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Outer Wilds, a love letter

Maybe you heard about Outer Wilds from Mobius. Perhaps you saw an article somewhere about it. I didn't. It just popped in Game Pass one day. I downloaded it believing that I was about to play the new Obsidian's title: The Outer Worlds. What a surprise. From time to time a title appears that makes me remember why I love videogames.

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Webs using react and gRPC

During the last months I've been involved in an infrastructure project. The idea is to offer on-demand resources. Think Jenkins or GitLab or any render queue. In my case, users are working from different countries and time zones. This is one of the cases where building a web-based front end makes sense. The challenge: I've never built anything mid sized on web, only micro solutions that needed close to zero maintenance and were extremely short-lived. To make things more interesting the backend was offering its services through gRPC.

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Mid 2019

DICE's summer party

Following a well stablished tradition, DICE celebrated the arrival of summer organizing a great party. They rented a great place the House under the bridge. Built under a tall highway bridge over the lakes with nice and informal environment.

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