Handing over, documentation

During the last weeks I've got the request to write some documentation of the localization tech stack I've been working during the last 18-ish months. In the team I'm working with nowadays, there's a group of specialized documentation writers. Tech writers.

And when you check the docs they create, it's clear they're professional. Unified styles, neutral English, linked documents, different sorts of media including images, gifs, videos, links to code, examples in the game ... everything you can imagine. It looks and it is costly. ...more

June 10, 2018 [Code and Chlorine] #Programming

Redis as SQL Cache, take one

I was worried about the performance of our Database Servers. Our access patterns are mostly read-only, so why not cache the data we need in an intermediate server? Redis appears to be a good solution. ...more

February 18, 2018 [Code] #Redis #SQL