Sometimes you dont know what to expect from your colleagues, thats normal because youre from, almost literally, the other side of the continent, and dont speak the same language and, in one word, youdont get it.First thing last week: the company wants me to move to other office, its only three blocks away and its supposed to be something temporal [1] a month tops. Im cool with it, its a superb opportunity to learn and grow from engineers better than me, I jumpedin with both feet; but here comes the trick: Due a financial thingie that I dont understand, its cheaper to move my computer from one office to the next one than let me use some equipment there and then return to my spotless desk. Let me emphasise: its awesome.And (Im getting there, relax) nobody tells me how is that machine traveling from my current location to the new office: magic carpet? a cab? liner maybe? a coach? the royal guard and some dozens of pipers?Nope, after a mail last Tuesday assuring that this moving thing wascompletely normal. It wasme the one that was supposed to take care of the moving. So I spent friday evening running from manager to manager until somebody took the machine and moved it to the new office.This situations tend to happen here from time to time, people expects you to take care of business that, in other countries, would be an automatic responsibility of IT, facilities or whatever the dept of govt. office.In conclusion: swedes rely a lot in personal responsibility and that you wouldmagically know what they expect you to do. Mental note, if the thing is not crystal clear: ask two times! Expectations management is something indispensable here.Note: Weeks after christmas holidays have been hard and harsh and, and probably next week gonna be insane stressful. Wish me luck guys!1. Famous last words, lol!

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My name is Carlos Bellido and I work coding games in Stockholm. I rediscovered swimming and gymns after moving to Sweden. Keep in mind that Kalles Kaviar is an an acquired taste.

I work in the audio department in FatShark