When we discovered the line up for the Download Festival 2016 it was more than clear that we were going to go. A massive amount of shows including two fundamental bands (to me) Rammstein and Iron Maiden

But first we spent some days at London.


London is an amazing place, there is an energy floating around, quite remarkable. Also we happened to be there for the Queen’s 90 year old birthday celebration.

I walked a lot these days, I found the Belfast by chance:

I like Alan Moore’s From Hell quite a lot. And I decided to take a walk following the route they do in the comic. Here’s one of the churches they mention.

And, obviously, the mandatory visit to the British Museum.

My colleagues wanted to go to the science museum, and I found a lovely invention by a famous Spanish engineer:

And look at this! That was the E3 2016 week too, and EA was promoting Mirror’s Edge at Forbidden Planet

s edge

The absolutely quaint Notting Hill, if you can ignore the brutal traffic jam that they were having at the time it was a fantastic place.

Download festival 2016

And then we took a bus and we travelled to Donington Park After, pretty much a week of sun-ish weather we were greeted by a massive downpour that turned the whole field into a mud pool.

Since the situation was dire we spent one morning visiting Derby and buying rubber boots and a proper rain poncho. There I learnt that “rubber boots” has a way funnier name in the UK Wellies

The main stage, … just imagine that extension packed with people during the Iron Maiden performance.

And then Iron Maiden! Yes, we saw the plane since we were hosted at the Radisson Hotel that is by the airport. That machine is frigging big. The show was mind blowing.

And, after that, it was time to leave the UK, including a pretty untimely SAS pilot strike The travel back was, perhaps a bit too long.

A nice travel, kids, totally worth it.

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