Useful when you workout, walk, commute, drive … a collection of podcasts that have inspired and entertained me. Lately I’ve been interested in military history and some moral explorations, so some of the content might feel a bit heavy.
There are also some videogame podcasts, they are useful for my job.

Let’s talk videogames

Daft Souls Podast

I discovered Daft Souls following a suggestion by Mr. Napo2K it’s good content. The show is hosted by Matt Lees You can help them if you like their content by contributing on their Patreon: Fund Cool Ghosts It’s a bunch of fun people. Their format is around one hour, they discuss just 2 or 3 games per episode. Matt and Quinns seem obsessed with XCOM2.


Anait Podcast

Podcast Reload is part of the Spanish website Anait Games The editors of this site are well known for the quality of the text they produce. Entertaining, witty and sometimes insightful, their comments about what’s going on in the industry is always a recommended lecture (Spanish only)


Some politics and serious topics

When you’re living abroad sometimes is difficult to follow what the hell is going on back on the homeland. A good weekly podcast commenting the political and economical news is exactly what you need. Dame la voz a group of Catalonian speakers, very literate and well articulated. They also host the fantastic “Hotel Yamato” a podcast about military history and “war events”.

Anait Podcast

A good complement to “Dame la voz” with the current Spanish news is a little bit of Sam Harris’ take on American politics and big ethical and anthropological topics, Waking Up good content and good production. As with every American podcaster I know to date you have to be a tad patient with the blatant self promotion, but it’s good to remember that nothing is really free.

2017 Update

Lately I’ve been watching and listening to Dave Rubin. He has a varied list of guests and his interviews are always interesting.

Misc misc-itty misc

Another American, Tim Ferriss hosts The Tim Ferriss Show in this particular case I’m a bit out of words for this one. Tim conducts this program that it’s completely focused on … mastering … for lack of a better word … of whatever topic you might imagine. As he says during the intro, he interviews the best performers around.
Some of his programs will sound completely alien to you, with others you will resonate intensely. One never knows, it’s an exploration and it’s usually worth your time.

Thanks to Tim I’ve discovered a plethora of interesting people, let me concede now, that he tends to focus on US/UK people, anyway, people that sometimes have quite interesting messages:

  • Jocko Willink
  • Dan Carlin Particularly on his hardcore history series. I cannot listen to the word quote without a little shiver.

In one of the episodes of Jocko podcast (see reference above) Charles and Jocko interviewed Mr. Mitic. Author of Unflinching or maybe even better in the Unflinching book site Nowadays Jody is doing its own podcast it’s an interesting view on a veteran’s life.

What is a podcast anyway? (Spoiler: it’s like radio, only much better)

First of all if you’re here you probably don’t need this section. But just for my own pedantic enjoyment here I go. In a nutshell, a podcast is a radio program that it’s distributed mainly through Internet.

Wikipedia has a fantastic entry on what a Podcast is. The popularity of the technology is such that it has reached Merriam-Webster.

Again, I guess you have everything you need to listen and follow your preferred content, but if you don’t and want to get started in this amazing world.

If you’re living in the Linux / Windows environment you can use gPodder to manage your episodes. Once you have them synced and listed, it’s just a matter of listening to .mp3 files.
For your on the go needs with Android I’ve tried Podcast & Radio Addict and I’m pretty happy with it. Does the job, it’s reasonably nice and has good episode management options.
Happy podcasting!