We’ve been playing the new entry on the South Park games: The fractured but whole.

This is a game for fans of the show. If you aren’t up to date with it you’re going to miss a lot of references and gags. South Park it’s not for everybody, but I loved it since episode 1. There’s something about the creativity of the show that grabs me.

The story moves from a fantasy setting into a superhero game. Cartman and the kids go full blown Marvel Universe: Sworn enemies, franchises, plans for series, movies, comics, cross overs, the return of the glorious Mysterion and Jimmy as “The Flash”. Their mocking of Marvel’s production plans is on point and funny.
The first part of the game is narratively a little bland. But the second half is a rollercoaster of twists, gags, creatures with too many asses and super mutants. We laughed a lot playing it.
Maybe, the fart jokes can go a little bit stale after 12 hours of constant references to flatulence, winds and gases. Still worth it.

I played the PS4 version and it seems like some of the dialogues are dropped, the mouths are animated, but without sound. That was the only technical issue we encountered.

How does it compare to the first?

Well, first of all, it looks exactly the same as the previous one. It’s a South Park episode that lasts around 15 hours. Some of the loading times are a little long, and, believe it or not, I noticed some framedrops here and there. For a game that is moving nothing on screen it’s particularly surprising.

The finishing acts of the first game The Stick of Truth felt like a chore. Once the party was formed you keep persisting on the same moves and tactics. It was getting tiresome.

Mechanically, the new game is more tactical than the first part. The title abandons the Final Fantasy approach to combat and introduces a grid system. You can move your characters around and that makes a real difference. It’s a very simple game though, the combat is not the main selling point.

If you compare the game scripts, my opinion is that the first one is superior to this entry in the series. It has loads of memorable moments. The Fracture But Whole packs less punch.

The character creation has been modified too, now you can play with a girl. It’s not like anyone cares. Doesn’t matter if you create an heterosexual white boy, the rednecks will still go after scum like you.

In terms of duration, they’re very similar. And they’re packed with twists and classic South Park moments.

Want to see more?

If you’re interested you can watch the initial minutes of the game, including character creation from our stream last week (spoilers of the initial segment)