What a beautiful weekend we had. Both Nacho-the-man-the-lengend-Banan and my brother visited us. They’ve been walking the city and trying every kind of Pierogi you can imagine. We had some drinks, a lot of meat, and had the opportunity to check the city life. Here’s the LEGEND.

I’m sure it’s been a good change of pace for both of them. My brother is enjoying slightly colder days, and Nacho just went back to some summersies shennnnannnigans. Let’s share some pictures of the trip, again, took with my faithful GP4.

On a completely random order, this is the Bald Penguing pub. A fantastic place on a very hipster (?) part of town.

and, from the other side …

They’ve been in parks, streets, restaurants, … but this was, IMO, the highlight of their visit:

Warsaw Rising

This huge place is devoted to keep the memory of the events of August 1944. After too many years of German occupation the Poles are organized and ready to face impossible odds against a retiring but extremely dangerous and hardened 3rd Reich. This museum follows a chronological route from 39’s invasion of the country to the final Soviet occupation.

They have two very informative and cool pages, the Museum main page and the more chronological and informative: Warsaw Rising … for the last link you’ll need some time and some dedication since it’s jampacked with information, graphs, even movies from the time.

The visit follows the development of the events from the Nazi invasion during the end of the 30s untill the mid 40s. They have some real debri from the royal palace in exhibition:

… cover the state of the Polish army and the challenge they faced during the first invation. And let’s not forget that they were trapped in a pincer move between the soviet army and the german army, as it’s described here:

The museum goes in very deep detail about the war and what was going on with the exiled Polish government in the UK. This is the kind of things they have on exhibition:

And a section devoted to soviet propaganda and the actions of the secret police:

… quite an informative museum. All and all, an horrifying place. Where you can discover the extent of the word “monster”. A section that shocked me were the memories of a Wehrmacht soldier describing the weeks where the Germans decided to shell the city out of existence.