It’s been a long time since my last update. And there’s a simple reasons for that. I changed job. I moved to Poland to work with the amazing CD Projekt RED. Now I live in Warsaw and I’m part of both Gwent and the new title of CDP: Cyberpunk 2077

This city is an amazing place. It feels so close to Madrid. Vibrant, active, everything is constantly open … I’m liking it a lot.

For now you can have some of the latest pictures I took: here you have the block just next to Pawilon:

This was an interesting day. I was crossing the city south to North. I was looking for a 4th edition of Vampire. And I visited 4 different comic and games shops. None of them had the book, but I discovered new and interesting places.

Nowadays Poland is experiencing some political turmoil, but sadly I still don’t have a full grasp on the details, however I was able to capture this:

… a protest regarding the composition of the new supreme court. Pretty interesting stuff. Something that makes me think about Spain and its political system too.

It was such a warm day that Warsaw water deployed a truck to keep people hydrated:

… and last but not least, a shout out to the Polish public transport, with the lovely trams and buses:

Good stuff kids …